The Mind of an Artist . . .








My mind is never quiet-
never still . . .
A hundred observations and thoughts swirl about in
an elaborate dance
that leaves me exhausted
and ready to take the images I see
and craft them into poetry.

But the train of thought is an elusive,
temperamental beast-
susceptible to flowery breezes,
9 year old’s interrogatives,
and then *snap* – – –

it is gone. . .

The inspiration never leaves –
the ideas hang heavy
and deep within my chest
but the moments that bring clarity
are the rare gems–
dirty and uncut
needing the jeweler’s eye,
the master’s vision,
and the heart of the artist
to become the finished product . . .
the marriage of verse and melody.

My mind is never quiet,
my mind is never still . . .

The right song, the right tools . . .

Oh the inspiration that happens when you hear that magical song — the one that fills your heart with hope and joy and peace. For me that song was “He Has Come For Us (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)” by Meredith Andrews. Not only do she and I share a first name, we also both serve in the Harvest Bible Fellowship network of churches. She is one of the amazing worship leaders at the original Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, Illinois.

That song has just made the Christmas season come alive for me. It takes one of my favorite Christmas songs, and adds a beautiful, simple and yet absolutely profound chorus.

“He has come for us this Jesus
He’s the hope for all mankind
He has come for us the Messiah
Born to give us life”

That, paired with a recording device that is easy enough to pair with our computer, and connect to GarageBand and all of the instruments and stuff . . .  It is pretty awesome. I just spent a glorious hour recording and re-recording guitar, and vocal tracks. It is making my dream of an EP seem like it is only an inch away, as opposed to a thousand miles away, like it felt even just last month!


When BOLD means driving to the top of a mountain

There were twelve of us crowded into luxurious leather couches, leaning close to hear the wisdom, love and inspiration that oozed out of Christa Wells and Nicole Witt.  Both ladies are established songwriters and performers, and when they pair up in song, chill bumps are always included.


In November, a single facebook post got the ball rolling on this magical “Songwriter’s Retreat.” The result was a mixture of lyricists, poets, singers and songwriters of an amazing age spread, gathered together to learn more about the craft.  With the unity of a common faith, the stage was set for true community, the linking of hearts and stories, tears and triumphs.

I drove back down the mountain a different person.

The new me realizes that this dream He planted in me is going to take some real work. Writing the songs is the easy part. (And it isn’t easy.) My word for the year, BOLDperfectly describes the current leg of my journey.

It will take BOLDNESS to BELIEVE that I am enough.

It will take BOLDNESS  to contact people in the industry to find out where to play, and it will take BOLDNESS to strike up conversations with other songwriters.

It will take BOLDNESS to co-write with strangers. And to let those strangers become friends.

It will take BOLDNESS to reach out, to promote myself as an artist, and to try to find the other two missing people for my dream.

It took boldness to send the email that allowed this amazing weekend to be part of my story.



My heart is full, my dreams are front and center, and I am boldly evaluating and preparing, so that I am ready for the next step. Thank you, Christa and Nicole, for offering yourselves to us. We treasure the gift of your music, your voices, and your wisdom.